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This Program Does It All!

Welcome to the best, easy to use customer management program made exclusively for people who install and service residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems.

Imagine being able to manage EVERYTHING about your sprinkler customers their Start-Up and Winterization status, their Service Contracts, Work Orders and Invoices, every jobsite's complete Service History, even the layout of their system and the make, model and location of each component.  Get bird's-eye view maps of all (or any subset) of your customer locations, routes of your Work Order appointments and much, much more quickly and easily, all at the touch of a button!

Organized, efficient customer management is key to business success.  This program gives you FAST, EASY, COMPLETE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT at your fingertips so you can be BETTER ORGANIZED, MORE EFFICIENT and MORE PROFITABLE.

Simply put, it's the right tool for the job.


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"This program is by far the best investment I've made for our company."

James Kyser, Jimmy's Lawn Sprinklers, Long Beach, NY

"We used to think our old way of keeping track of company business was pretty good now we look back and realize how barbaric it was compared to this program."

Julie, Tom and Marilyn Smith, Maxwell Irrigation, New Hudson, MI

"As the only one in our busy office, I can definitely say that the CIA Program makes my job so much easier.  Whether I need to schedule a service call, map out a route, invoice a customer, post a payment, or run any of the numerous reports available, I can do it all with just a few keystrokes.  The program is so versatile and everything is laid out in a quick, easy to learn manner.

Computer Mike has done an excellent job of taking the suggestions of those of us who use the program on a day to day basis and incorporating them into the regular updates for the program.  I have always appreciated his prompt technical support when needed he really cares about the users of his program.

In the 10 years that I've been using this program, I have seen it evolve into such a useful program and I always look forward to the new version releases to see what's new.  I would never think twice about recommending this product to anyone."


Marcy Braun, D & J Lawn Sprinkler Systems Inc., Sterling Heights, MI

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Developed Exclusively for You

Just look at some of the many benefits you get to help you run your business better:

  • Instantly display EVERYTHING about a Customer and bring it up quickly and easily because you can do Lookup by NAME, by PHONE, by ADDRESS, by STREET, by CITY, by ZIP CODE, by SERVICE AREA, by INVOICE #, by PAID BY CHECK # or any number of other useful ways
  • View a MAP showing where every Customer is located so you can organize and schedule your work for maximum profitability
  • Effortlessly schedule, print and track your WORK ORDERS
  • Print MAILING LABELS for Start-Up and Winterization POSTCARDS
  • Easily print and track the status of your SERVICE CONTRACTS
  • See your START-UPS & WINTERIZATIONS TO CALL, TO DO, REFUSALS and those DONE THIS YEAR (never lose one again!)
  • Save hours of time, eliminate billing errors and make a good impression on your customers with professional WORK ORDERS, INVOICES and STATEMENTS
  • Get paid quicker by producing accurate and timely INVOICES and STATEMENTS because billing is so fast and easy
  • Increase your profits with CUSTOM part codes and pricing
  • Know who owes you money, how much, and for how long instantly
  • Gain complete financial control of your business with detailed DAILY, MONTHLY, and ANNUAL REPORTS
  • Know exactly where all your PARTS and TOOLS are, right down to the truck
  • Know WHAT parts you used, WHERE and WHEN because you have a COMPLETE SERVICE HISTORY for every job site

But wait!  There's more

  • Produce a MAP of your WORK ORDER APPOINTMENTS with a TRAVEL ROUTE and DRIVING DIRECTIONS at the touch of a key
  • EXPORT the Customers of your choice IMPORT their information into other applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Express, etc.)
  • Perform MAIL MERGE to create anything you want from your data
  • Check out the GRAPHS, enabling you to see your business in a whole new way
  • Send an E-MAIL to one Customer, all Customers, or just those who meet whatever criteria you specify

This program gives your sprinkler company a competitive edge with benefits galore so you can make more money better, faster and easier!

Have a unique requirement or special request?  The program can be further customized specifically for you!  I can make the computer do whatever you want.

"Computer Mike"

Data Systems Inc.

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Benefit from 33 Years of Continuous Improvement
Ever since this program was first introduced we've paid ultra-close attention to what our users have asked us to make the computer do for them, enabling them to manage everything about their customers in a very well-organized and efficient manner so they can make more money in less time with less stress.  The result: "Customer Information, Accounting, Work Orders, Maps, Graphs & Inventory Control for Irrigation Professionals!"

We've incorporated all of the needs, wants and wishes of each and every user into the program and now YOU can get the benefits of all those time-saving, money-making ideas FOR YOURSELF!

Call us today to see firsthand how this program enables you to do your job better, faster and easier so you can efficiently manage and grow a well-organized and more profitable sprinkler company.

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