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GPS Tracking

Request for Proposals

GPS Tracking Service

We currently seek affiliations with GPS Tracking Service providers, seamlessly integrating their service with our program and recommending them to our valued customer base.

Within our program, we'll display an "Info" button (linked to your website for detailed information about your service), a "Login" button (to invoke your service) and the all-important interface between your service's browser map and the daily scheduled work order appointment locations (jobsites) as defined by the users and maintained by our program  to enable our customers to quickly and easily monitor their service truck locations relative to the assigned jobsite locations in real time throughout the workday.

Automatic transmission of jobsite locations, in chronological order, to the assigned technicians' GPS devices would be a definite plus.

A conservative estimate reveals that GPS Tracking Service providers could collect over $2.6 million in GPS tracking service fees alone over the next 10 years from our current customer base.


  • 80% of our customers do not have any form of GPS tracking of the locations of their service technicians or their trucks at this time.

  • 1/2 of those 80% would purchase your devices and GPS tracking service if it can be shown that (a) you're the cheapest (that is to say, "best value for the money") and (b) they could make (or save) more money by having and using your service than it would cost them.

  • Those suitable GPS prospects have, on average, 4 trucks in their service fleet whose current locations (and historical route) they'd like to monitor.

  • The GPS tracking service will cost them about $30/month per truck.

  • Because the sprinkler business is seasonal (at least in the northern half of the US where all of our customers are located), they'll need tracking service 8 months per year (no December, January, February or March).

Based on those assumptions, here's the "total GPS tracking service fees" calculation:

80% of 687 customers = 550 have no GPS tracking service yet

1/2 of 550 = 275 suitable GPS prospects

275 suitable GPS prospects x 4 trucks each = 1,100 trucks

1,100 trucks x $30/month per truck = $33,000 per month

$33,000 per month x 8 months = $264,000 per year

$264,000 x 10 years = $2,640,000 total over the next 10 years

Please contact Mike Michalski at (313) 393-5580 if you're interested in exploring the opportunity of an affiliate relationship and becoming one of our recommended GPS Tracking Service providers.

Here's an example of the capability we want to give our customers...

Watch your trucks moving on a map, in real time, from any computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet with Internet connectivity so you can see where your service techs are NOW relative to their assigned jobsite locations and all throughout the workday!

    Attach a Garmin to the GPS receiving/sending unit and you can send the day's jobsite locations, in appointment time order, directly to the assigned service technician's Garmin in the truck from the CIA Program at the click of a mouse!  


This is the placeholder for an exclusive Special Discount Offer for CIA Program users.


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